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In the center of this photo is a slate blue pigmented lesion with good dermatoglyphics over the surface of the central area. There appears to be regression in the slate blue pigmented area around the superior and the inferior portion of the lesion. There doesn't appear to be any tumor to be seen here. This represents a smudge. A smudge simply tells us that some pigmented lesion had been present but has completely regressed. With the multiple Clark's nevi scattered around the surface, the possiblity of a completely regressed malignant melanoma has to be considered. On removing this lesion nothing but some superficial scarring in the reticular dermis and incontinent pigment was found with no evidence of melanoma. This finding does not completely eliminate the possiblility that melanoma had been present earlier and has regressed only to suface as a metastasis in some other area.

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Friday 29th of September 2006
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